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Letters of Recommendation Continued


"Joe is a great trainer who is very knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition. He has transformed the way I approach fitness where I am more focused on Core stability and movement mastery. I would recommend him to others." 

Nestor Hernandez
Executive Director
Belle Center

"I started a brand new personal fitness program with Joe in Sept. 2010 [At his private downtown Buffalo Gym] after not regularly working out in almost 12 years. He worked with me to craft a program from the start that fit my goals and took into account my abilities (and limits... including a weak knee from years of volleyball). What really makes his programs great are the attention and variety. Joe has focused on my core development so that as we do more intense exercises, my body is ready... not just pushed too far out of the gate. If you are like me... busy with your business, squeezing in his 30 minute dedicated routines may be tough, but no less than trying to get to the public gyms where you have no one building you toward something (I say you have to want to do it). 

I have to recommend Joe because I feel like he knows his stuff... from the why and the how... to the feeling he truly wants me to be successful in some aggressive goals I have focused on. Feel free to ask me about my experience personally if we ever bump into each other." 

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative 

Joel Colombo 
360 PSG

"From the beginning of working with Joe on my personal fitness program, I have seen and felt immediate results. His keen ability to evaluate my current physical status and set up a program to target where I needed to develop strength and stability quickly has already delivered positive results. Joe takes the time to explain what I need to do, how each exercise will impact results and the long-term benefits. Since working with Joe I now feel better with less aches and pains with a stronger and stable core."

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, On Time

Richard Serra 
President & CEO
All Pro Parking Inc

"Joe Fox is a world-class personal trainer!  He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and motivating.  More importantly, he's sincerely and genuinely interested in my personal success.  He's spent a lot of time teaching me perfect form / technique and keeping me moving.  As a business owner my time is limited and the half hour sessions work perfectly for me.  The location right off the 33 at the corner of Virginia and Washington is convenient.  I appreciate the exclusive 1-on-1 training environment and having my own dressing room, showers, and other amenities.  Working out hasn't always been easy for me but, somehow Joe has made it a blast with creative and challenging routines.  Joe has taught me that training smarter will produce greater results than training harder.  His workouts have helped me to relieve stress, made me stronger, and helped me to perform at a higher level.  Thanks Joe!"    

Jeff Dorn
TMP Technologies Inc.


"I first met Joe Fox almost 20 years ago in the weight room at SUNY Buffalo. Anyone that has ever met Joe remembers his dynamic personality and enthusiastic nature. I had wanted to become a powerlifter and Joe immediately began coaching me. He taught me many things that I still use to this day. What impressed me immediately was Joe's organization, attention to detail, the importance of nutrition, scientific study, and especially the planning that he put into every workout. I still have some of the plans that Joe created from our earliest workouts. Once the workout started Joe was extremely focused and a great motivator. Joe took that focus and motivation and created the University Powerlifting team, and eventually became Student Association President. Anyone that has Joe has a trainer should know that he will use all of his tools so that they can achieve their goals."

Jeff Deigan
1998 AAU Deadlift National Champion
2000-2002 100% Raw National and World Powerlifting Champion (Best Lifter at 2002 Worlds)
2002-2005, 2008 WNPF Raw National Champion and Best Lifter
2009 WNPF Lifetime Nationals Champion and Best Lifter




Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. Joe Fox is a world-class personal trainer! He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic, and motivating. More importantly, he's sincerely and genuinely interested in my personal success."
Jeff Dorn