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It all starts with an ASSESSMENT.  We believe that your PROGRAM DESIGN is only as good as your assessment.  During assessment, we attempt to accomplish the following:

  • Establish goals & a dashboard of key metrics to track results
  • Review relevant medical history & life style details
  • Start to get personal nutritional information
  • Measure your resting heart rate
  • Calculate your heart rate max & estimated training zones
  • Calculate your Body Mass Index
  • Measure your Body Fat Percentage - If applicable
  • Determine a Cardio Respiratory Starting Point via the 3 minute step test and Rockport Walk Test
  • Perform a movement analysis with the goal of identifying muscular imbalances
  • Determine which muscles are overactive, tight, and need to be stretched
  • Determine which muscles are underactive, need to be strengthened, and turned on
  • Start to create a corrective exercise strategy
  • Answer any questions you have

The vast majority of fitness training programs are incomplete.  TrainSMART creates customized fitness programs that are based on science, proven through application, safe, systematic, progressive, and incorporate integrated functional training.


  • 2 Sessions are dedicated in your customized personal nutrition plan
  • We calculate the number of calories required daily to accomplish your fitness goals
  • We calculate the number of calories that you need to burn daily to accomplish your fitness goals
  • We educate you on the fundamentals of eating well and making wise food choices
  • We set up you up with a free and easy to use food logging and exercise tracking system.

Corrective Exercise - Flexibility & Core Training

TrainSMART believes the absolute undisputed and critical foundation of any fitness program must be proper flexibility and a healthy strong core.  This foundation must be firmly established first to provide a stable platform to build on.  One must be stable to move properly.  From your assessment, we develop a customized Corrective Exercise Program designed to correct imbalances and to help you move properly.  There is a focus on the various components of flexibility training and increasing intrinsic core stabilization strength.  All movement begins in your core.  The goal here is to prepare your body for the demands of higher levels of training that may be required to accomplish your personal fitness goals.

Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. Joe provided me with a straightforward evaluation and wonderful training program that hit on the problem areas and beyond."
Joseph Murphy