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Letters of Recommendation Continued


"After working with Joe Fox for over 3 years I know that he never settles for anything less than the best for his clients and business. He is definitely the best choice if you're seeking a personal trainer in Western, NY. You won't be disappointed! " 

Jamie Lynn Bell
Newbird Design

"If you want to get in the best condition of you life, train with Joe Fox. That is not an exaggeration. Working out with Joe made me the strongest, most physically fit I have ever been. When he trains you, you often get the feeling that he cares more about you achieving your goals than you do - especially on those days when you'd rather be on the couch. His approach is as intelligent as it is intense and as holistic as it is healthy. Really, Joe is the best. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 

David Mancuso
Vice President of External Affairs AT&T

"Joe is very thorough on explaining the type of training you will be going through. He goes the extra mile to make sure he has complete knowledge when you might have an injury that could restrict you and finds other ways to compensate so that you can still meet your goals. With the Core program he has developed for me, in just a few short weeks I am already experiencing a stronger core. I would recommend Joe to others."

Laurie Albertsson, VP
Fernwood Capital & Leasing

"Joe Fox has been great to work with. I thought I was in relatively good shape and knowledgeable about keeping fit but Joe has shown me wonderful techniques to strengthen my core, protect my back, and to maximize my workouts. I've watched so many trainers at the gym give their clients "one-size-fits-all" workout routines. Joe customizes everything to meet your needs and desired outcomes. If you are serious about fitness you need to learn more about TrainSMART. "    

Lynn Oswald

Director at the Niagara County Community College 

Small Business Development Center


"I feel fantastic!!! I have worked with a couple of personal trainers and also tried home workouts such as p90x, but I never was able to achieve the results I got from working with Joe. When we started, the workouts seemed so different because I had never exercised smartly, but the results were impressive and I was shocked with how much difference a strong core contributes to the overall performance you can achieve in a workout. I strongly recommend TrainSMART to anyone looking for a true professional to help them achieve results that they didn't think they ever could..."

Jake Smith




Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. Joe provided me with a straightforward evaluation and wonderful training program that hit on the problem areas and beyond."
Joseph Murphy