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Letters of Recommendation Continued


"I've been working out with Brandon Mancuso and Joe Fox at TrainSmart for almost a year. As someone who is a bit past middle age (!) my initial goals were different than a lot of people who work out to look good or lose weight. My goals were to become more flexible, gain strength and reduce the chronic low back pain I've had for years. I am proud to say I met those goals and feel great (except if I miss a session or two, then my back pain flairs up again...but that's due to my own laziness)! Brandon and Joe have helped me to achieve more fitness than I thought possible for someone with my level of back pain. Brandon and Joe offer excellent service overall but most importantly they are HIGHLY qualified to do what they do. I greatly respect the TrainSmart team and recommend them without reservation. Give them a won't regret it!" 

Cheryl Krieger
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

" Joe Fox and his partner Brandon Mancuso are fabulous trainers. They are professional and extremely well educated in body mechanics and ways to increase your metabolism. Both are very dedicated to making your workout personal and continually demonstrate and observe exercises for proper form and to avoid injury. Joe and Brandon are sincere in wanting the best results for their clients and take a truly personal approach to work out sessions. I have been with TrainSmart for almost 1 year, and both trainers have never hesitated to show me a modification to any exercise that could potentially cause injury or discomfort, yet both have found ways to continue to challenge me and ensure I'm getting the most out of my sessions. I would highly recommend either trainer with total confidence for anyone looking to step up their exercise efforts, or for anyone who is just beginning. " 

Maria Turner
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

"Joe Fox is a consummate professional. He eliminated my back pain in the first 2 to 3 weeks. I have increased my core strength, gained flexibility and improved functional movement. I look better and feel better. One reason I like Joe as a personal trainer is because he takes time to show you the exercise, explains why it is important and helps you learn the movement properly. He is patient and helpful. My stress level is always lower when I leave then when I arrived at his gym. Every week it is a fresh new work out and it never gets monotonous or boring." 

Mark Balcom
Pooley Inc.

"John/Joni Scherer----Transmarts instruction and training program has been "LIFE CHANGING" for both my wife and I. Joe and Brandon allowed us to regain control of our lives with respect to the level of our physical fitness. What first started as an idea to try something different (and to to try and lose some weight during the process) has morphed into a new healthy life style that now has us asking how far can we take this journey. Maybe I do want to do "Tough Mudders" next year or start skiing agian? Last month my wife and I completed a tree top obstacle course. The point is we now have the hope of doing physical activity that only 5 months ago would have been ridiculous to think about. Personally, I'm seeing body weights that I have not seen in 25 years, that's significant for me! The interesting thing is that while I continue to lose inches I don't feel thin, but rather---I feel strong and confident---- I feel in shape for the first time in 30 years!!! Thanks agian TrainSMART" 

John Scherer

"Joe is without question the leader in fitness and training in Buffalo today. With a practical and personable approach, Joe has developed an incredibly satisfying fitness program for me, yielding both immediate and long-term results. I would (and have) recommend anyone looking to improve their quality of life, to start with Joe Fox." 

Justin Schiavitti




Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. I worked with Joe as a personal trainer and achieved great results. He is a knowledgeable and motivating professional and I would highly recommend him. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"
Janice Kwarta
Human Resources Director