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Letters of Recommendation Continued


"Thank You Joe Fox, I really feel that your individualized instruction will help me to achieve my goals of better upper arm strength, good balance and better flexibility. I appreciate you "fine tuning" the exercises to my physical condition so that I did not feel intimidated by them --- it has been quite a while since I have exercised ---but I believe it is never too late to start again. You took the time needed to explain and guide me through all the exercises and answered all my questions. Instead of just guessing at what types of exercises I should be doing, I really feel confident that I am approaching the problems that need correcting with the best instruction and guidance available to me. The individual "pictures in training" along with your written instructions will help me to follow through with the exercises. You introduced me to the "core concept" which I can see is needed as the start to any exercise program --- Core, Stretch, Walk, Balance, and Resistance. A program that will work if I earnestly apply all the concepts in this exercise program. Thanks again for all your guidance," 

Judie Ruda
Age 63

"TrainSMART Personal Fitness, and Joe Fox in particular, have truly changed my life. As a busy professional working in a lab, I thought that I would never be able to find the time or motivation to get into shape. Add to that a herniated disc and knee problems, and I had resigned myself to a life of "unfitness" at 27. Knowing that I had to do something to change my habits, I began to research personal trainers. After speaking to many trainers in the area, Joe convinced me that he was the man for the job. As someone who also suffers from back problems, he was able to relate to my mobility issues while also focusing on my fitness goals. Moreover, he impressed me with his professionalism, enthusiasm, and competency. Joe (and Brandon) are the perfect combination of tough, motivational, and empathetic. Somehow, they know when I need kind words of encouragement, enthusiasm, or tough love to get me through a workout. Since beginning training with Joe about 5 months ago, I have lost almost 20 pounds. However, what has become even more important to me is how much stronger I am. When I started, I physically could not do pushups; I couldn't run across the gym ten times; I couldn't do band walks without wanting to cry. Now, I can do these things with much more ease--even pushups. Joe is tricky--he slowly increases the difficulty of each workout session without you noticing that it has become harder. Before you know it, you are much stronger, much faster, and much more capable than you used to be! Don't get me wrong--I still don't love working out. But I do love the sense of accomplishment I feel after every single workout with Joe, and I love how much stronger I feel. I attribute this sense of well-being and newfound health to Joe Fox and TrainSMART. " 

Megan Murray
MD/PhD candidate
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
University at Buffalo

School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

"Joe Fox is thoroughly knowledgeable with health and fitness. He was able to convey his knowledge to me in a practical and effective way. Through his training, I have been able to eliminate my lower back discomfort that has bothered me for years. I highly recommend Joe Fox and TrainSMART." 

James Stauffinger

"Joe Fox is an outstanding trainer and huge resource for me, both personally and professionally. He has pushed my personal strength and conditioning to the next level and allowed me to continue to train with UFC fighters tenyears younger than me. I have incorporated his training techniques into fighter programs for my clients, and he is continually improving both my fitness level and understanding of strength training. I will be a lifelong client, and highly recommend anyone looking for a strength andconditioning trainer in the Buffalo area to look him up immediately!" 

Kent Martin
Professional Kick Boxer
MMA/ JKD Instructor

"Joe Fox is a great motivator and very knowledgeable about physical fitness training. I would recommend Joe for anyone at any level of fitness." 

Yeong "Christopher" Choi, PhD
Director, cGMP: TCPF
Assistant Professor of OncologyRoswell Park Cancer Institute




Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. . I met Joe and after our first few sessions, he showed me how to workout properly and I started to see results fast. He is an expert trainer with a wide range of nutrition and routines."
Sheila Gould