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Letters of Recommendation Continued


"For many years I have been a member of several gyms, worked with personal trainers and have been inspired & on a mission to get healthy. I came to Joe Fox, of TrainSMART personal fitness by chance. I won a 6 week consultation with Joe. At our first meeting Joe told me this would be different; and he was right. On the other hand I told Joe I wanted him to teach me things I did not know; I wanted to come out of there more educated. For all the years I had been working out, no one ever instructed me to build the house (my muscles) on a solid foundation (my body) and why; they just told me to do cardio, aerobics, lift weights, and to spend endless hours in the gym trying to accomplish & achieve the results I was after. Joe worked with me and started from the beginning. First, by doing measurements, cardio testing, strength and stretch tests just as others had. Then the work began. Joe started teaching me to build a foundation first from stretching & strengthening my core. We focused on stability & core training; protecting my back and my weak areas. I couldn't believe for all the time I spent in the gym how weak I was in those areas and how much I benefited from learning the basics first. Each session focused on teaching; not going into the gym and just "doing". Eventually we worked up to weights and resistance training. Once my session was complete Joe sent me a very detailed report. He put a lot of time and effort into this document and program. It detailed from the beginning the exercises he taught me with instructions and diagrams. He taught me how to first build a foundation and by doing that worked all the muscle groups as well and strengthened my whole body; and taught me to do exercises which worked several muscle groups at a time cutting down on the time needed to work individual muscle groups. Joe is a caring, compassionate, kind hearted knowledgeable trainer. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to begin a training program or to anyone who has trained for years but has not seen the results they wanted to work with Joe Fox thru TrainSMART and to learn the correct way to build a workout plan. Why it is important to learn how the body works and why it is so important to do the core & stabilization building first. Learning this, may lead to less body damage, back injuries and a better understanding of why a certain exercise works or does not work. I wish Joe the best of luck in his new workout center!! If given the opportunity to work with Joe you should embrace the chance. " 

Cheryl George

"I trained with Joe Fox a couple of years ago. We usually trained early around 6:30AM so it was difficult to get too excited about it; nevertheless, Joe was able motivate me to work out in the weight room with him and even stay after to do some cardio. Occasionally, the workouts were actually fun! The exercise helped me get going in the morning and gave me increased enthusiasm and energy to face my day. I was noticeably stronger and was less stressed out. Joe was always very professional and was knowledgeable about both fitness and nutrition. He tried to make each training session both interesting and challenging. I'd highly recommend Joe Fox as your personal trainer. " 

Michael Higgins
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

"Joe is a scientist who is clearly very knowledgeable and enjoys both learning and teaching the art of 'smart' fitness. What is great about his technique is that he adapts to his individual clients. Instead of instituting a generic structured regimen, he caters to his clients' 'wants' and builds a program based on what is desired and what is beneficial. Your desired body IS attainable and Joe can help you get there the SMART way." 

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Personable

Meghan Lee
Financial Services Marketing Director

"Joe Fox has provided me with an excellent program for physical improvement. He has listened to my needs studied my capabilities and developed a program that is most beneficial to me. Joe's knowledge of physiology and exercise philosophy makes him unique in developing and implementing training programs. In implementing my program he constantly shows encouragement, patience and knowledge in communicating the program and helping me through the exercises. He tests my strengths and constantly challenges my ability. I am a returning customer of Joe's and I'm delighted to be back in the gym." 

Bill Dengler, R.A.
Senior Project Manager

"I never really worked out much before; I couldn't get into the routine. I met Joe and after our first few sessions, he showed me how to workout properly and I started to see results fast. He is an expert trainer with a wide range of nutrition and routines. He also showed professional ethics buy calling my doctors to make sure I could continue with certain apparatuses in the gym, before executing them, so I wouldn't hurt or badly injure myself. He has helped me focus on the spots that I could not tone like strengthening my core and helping me keep my nutrition up. Now I look and feel better which has really helped to boost my confidence, I owe it all to my trainer, Joe. I enjoy working out with him and will continue to do so! Thanks a lot Joe!" 

Sheila Gould




Buffalo Personal Trainer

"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. The bottom line is that Joe gets me results. If you're looking for the best personal trainer in Buffalo, Joe Fox is your guy!"
Dean Stanfield
District Manager - Major Accounts