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We believe Movement is Life!  Movement is Medicine!  The Best Medicine we have!  We believe that movement is self-healing in a way that medicine and science are just now starting to understand!  We believe that movement creates energy and should be beautiful, graceful, artistic, liberating, and yet powerful at the same time.  However, BEFORE YOU MOVE MORE, YOU NEED TO MOVE WELL!  Like medicine, you need the right kind and the right dosage.  TrainSMART provides the direction and strategic plan to get your there. We're your source for Buffalo weight loss.  We believe that we are on the path to greatness!  Join Us Today! 


TrainSMART was founded on the belief that training SMARTER produces greater results than training HARDER.  You need to train the MIND before you train the BODY.  We are an interconnected chain of energy, mind, fascia, and muscle.  We are more interconnected than we can possibly imagine.  Initial gains in strength and performance come from the nervous system, NOT the muscular system.

Our work is cerebral.  It's about establishing CONNECTION, developing CHEMISTRY, and turning workouts into FLOW.  We keep our fingers on the pulse of our clients and work at just the right level of intensity.  A training session becomes more like a WORK OF ART or a THEATRIC PERFORMANCE.  You walk out the door FEELING GREAT!  Clients regularly remark that they're surprised they don't have to kill themselves to accomplish great results like weight loss.  TrainSMART is committed to being GREAT every session, with every client, every single day!

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"Testimonial for Joe Fox Personal Trainer in Buffalo NY. His approach to working "smarter" is exhibited in the breadth of his knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and general health. I absolutely recommend his services."
Matthew Pelkey
Associate Attorney