ABOUT PERSONAL TRAINERS There are so many Personal Trainers out there! So, how can you tell the good ones from the mediocre ones? In a time when it’s becoming easier and easier to get certifications, it would be simple to think you found an experienced and well trained individual just from the vast array of alphabetical letters they have after […]

Why do we workout and what is the best choice we can make for ourselves? For many of us it’s a matter of staying flexible, having better health or increasing stamina.  Others want more definition, and some just want to keep getting stronger and have what it takes to be a good athlete.  There are couch potatoes and fitness junkies!  Movement is […]

RANT ON….Fall is here and as they say in Game of Thrones “winter is coming”. I like to think of it as 50 more days of Fall with the possibility of sun.  I know skiers, snow boarders and outdoorsy types look forward to the dead of winter and relish the challenge of staying upright in the snow, but I think […]

In this release from The New Health Rules by Dr. Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro, you are going to get a two-for.  That is two excerpts in one blog.  These pages are consecutive in the book, and both speak to Fish.  So here goes. Eat Smallish Fish, Not Big Fish “The bigger and older the fish, the more mercury it’s […]

Eat Till You’re Only 80 Percent Full “At home it’s easy to control your portion size. At restaurants, where meals tend to be enormous (you know the places), you need to calibrate. Eat about half of what’s on your plate, then pause.  Do you feel satisfied? Not hungry anymore? Can you imagine a nice cup of chamomile tea instead of […]

Although many of you consider yourselves to be young, I have found that many people who are ‘older’ consider themselves to be young too. I’ve also met 35 year olds who feel old inside and out, and those that feel 25.  It’s perspective!  But, whether your young-young, middle-aged-young, or older-young, the more information we have the more we can prepare […]

I was having a summer day today, feeling lazy and hungry.  So I decided to make something I want to share with you. My thought was to call it “fun in the summer time” and then the song came into my head and wouldn’t leave so I just put it out there even though this is not “hot fun in the […]

Look At The Integrity Of Calories Not The Number “Counting calories is a distraction that could lead you down a path of artificial sweeteners and preservatives—the absolute worst stuff for your body.  Instead, think about eating clean food, close to nature and dense with nutrients. Pay attention to the source of your calories rather than the number.  (A hundred calories […]

Eat The Yolk “Contrary to popular belief, the cholesterol in the food you eat has virtually no impact on the cholesterol level of your blood.  It’s sugar and carbs that trigger production of bad cholesterol in your body, not, for example, eggs.  So eat eggs (as long as you don’t have food sensitivity to them) and eat them whole — […]

Choose Cheese That’s Less Bad For You “If you feel like a cheeseless life is not worth living, at least know what’s easier on your system than mainstream cow products: raw cheeses (which aren’t available everywhere); cheeses made from sheep’s milk, like feta, manchego, and roquefort; goat cheeses and buffalo mozzarella.  As with any animal product, the healthier the animal, […]