BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU GET YOUR CHICKEN (AND EGGS) “The term free range is now as meaningless as the word natural.  And cage-free does not mean crate-free (loophole!) The best plan for consuming healthy (and ethically raised) poultry and eggs is to buy from a farmer whose practices you know, at a local market.  But that’s not always possible, so […]

Excerpt from The New Health Rules: IF YOU EAT COWS, MAKE SURE THEY EAT GRASS “To save money, factory-farmed cows are fed corn (which is cheap and often genetically modified) instead of the grasses they’re meant to graze on.  Corn makes the cows sick, so they’re given antibiotics.  These meds also fatten the cows –so the system “works” from a […]

Warning: Going full force and head on into change will cause failure! No matter what the year is. On that note I wish you all the very best life-time ever!   We all know that human beings need water and air to live. That is basic. I believe we also need love and a sense of accomplishment. Love of self and […]

As this gets posted we have 8 days until Christmas Eve and Hanukkah so let’s get ready to party the new way – without a food hangover and potential alcohol poisoning. You get to choose how you want to spend your holiday spirit – frazzled or relaxed? Not trying to be Dreadful Debbie, but for many holiday seasons I bought into the version […]

Beverage Smackdown Green Team Versus Latte “If you depend on a hit of caffeine in the morning, maybe it’s time to lighten the load.  Switching to green tea not only cuts a bunch of hard-to-digest dairy from your day but also strengthens your immune system, helping to arm you against cancer and heart disease; it may even help stave off […]

So we are on the last page of Cinderella’s (Kristen) story.  As I say that to you I think of one of the pics that she submitted to me when we were talking about her journey.  Here it is.  Now can’t you just see a wicked step-sister putting her up to this deed of painting? I actually love this pic because […]

Remember Kristen? We were at the part where she visited Trainsmart to find out if it was the right fit for her.  So the story continues….. After leaving the initial meeting with Joe, Kristen was feeling strongly that this was THE place that could really help her.  Finances played a piece in the decision, but she had the backing of her […]

Today….Be grateful for what you have, not stressed about what you don’t.  Keep portions small and you won’t have to worry about calories.  Count how many glasses of water you drink, not how many glasses of wine.  Count yourself lucky to sit next to someone you care about because it won’t be forever.  Don’t count the tears of whoever may be […]

For all of us hosting Thanksgiving, this week is full of fun, great memory making, and well deserved time off from jobs and school. The last thing any of us desire is to have to prepare time consuming meals the three days prior to the holiday.  Here’s my quick meal prep for this week with some of my favorite brands pictured: Bag […]

Good Morning!  What a great fall day!  Beautiful hues of red, gold and tan leaves are swirling all over my neighborhood.  I’ve already had one cup of java from Artisans and Farmers where I go every Saturday to get my egg share.  Now I’m home, and brewing a dark roast…the smell of freshly ground coffee beans is one of my […]