“If you’re tempted to gobble something while cleaning up from dinner, just take a minute and sit down.  You’ll digest better and bring more thought to what you’re putting in your mouth.  Likewise, try not to eat in front of the TV, and if you’ve brought home takeout, serve yourself a reasonable portion rather than eating out of the container. Eat Consciously and you’re more likely to eat just what your body needs.”

Great Advice, and a worthy goal!eating in front of tv

Have you had success sitting down for meals or not eating in front of the television? I think it’s about being intentional and then having the desire to make a change.  At our house we enjoy watching a movie and eating a meal.  We’ve had a lot of good times doing exactly that! I do try to keep portions balanced and smaller. It’s a harder task with freshly made popcorn (one of us always sneaks in the kitchen to refill the bowl – usually the person who has been sharing with the dog)!

Everyone struggles with different habits; maybe you see yourself in portion of Dr. Lipman’s advice. If you are trying to break a food habit, be patient with yourself.

Small steps over time lead to success! habit stopNot a big believer in the theory it take 21 days to change a habit. It takes more than desire to change a habit, it requires daily action!  The amount of time is different for everyone depending on how much the habit is engrained into your lifestyle and how long you have been doing it.

Not eating as you cook is noteworthy, but how can you know if you seasoned something right unless you taste it first? There have been times in cooking for others that I am not hungry by the time we sit down to eat.  I ate mine as I prepared and sampled.  No double dipping – as attested to by having every spoon in my drawer in the sink.  So, I often try to adhere to the last comment in Dr. Lipman’s words; “Eat consciously and you’re more likely to eat just what your body needs.” Eating consciously requires chewing well which is a great digestive aid! Try to remember that you are eating to be healthy, not to satisfy an emotion you haven’t dealt with, or to fill a hole in another part of your life.

A big challenge for me is walking away at 80% full because I love to be 100% full!  How about you?  What’s your biggest food challenge?

mindful eating

Let’s go one step further and say, “chew well, taste your food.” Swallow one bite at a time and when you think you feel full, stop eating.  Just for 15 minutes.  Then listen to your body and answer the question “am I still hungry?” really hungry, not just “brain hungry”? Practice lifting your head during the course of meal to pause. We’ve all seen people plow through food faster than a speeding bullet! Maybe you are guilty of that.  I have been accused of eating too quickly so this is something I need to be conscious about. Lots of quiet reminders to self to slow down and most of all, to find satisfaction in being full, but not too full.


What habits do you need to work on?  Do you eat too fast?  Eat too much? Eat unconsciously? Eat mostly processed foods? Do you taste your food or are you more like your dog – one chew and a big gulp?  Whatever habits you would like to change, write them down.  Log it somewhere that is easy to retrieve and add to.  Let the pen take over and tell you what’s going on with you.  Then listen. Improve your style. Feel Better!