TrainSmart hit the Internship jackpot! We have some great individuals who are joining our team on a temporary basis as Interns from The University of Buffalo’s Exercise Science Program. We are very excited to have them on board! In an effort to see our training from a new set of eyes, we’ve asked them to write down their experiences in weeks following their arrival. We would like to share some of that from their perspective, but first let us introduce them…one at a time.

MEET ANDREW – See that great smile? It might come from the  life he is leading right now.  As a Buffalonian from the South Towns, he likes bike riding, working out, and playing sports like hockey and basketball. Andrew is hoping to add Snow Boarding to that list very soon! He’s a pretty well rounded guy who comes from a close-knit family, and soon- to-be Uncle to a nephew (he already has two nieces). Andrew and his girlfriend like going out for dinner and seeing a good movie. Please say hello when you see him in the gym. He’s looking forward to meeting everyone!


Here’s what Andrew is hoping to get out of his time at TrainSmart in his own words: “My main goals I wish to reach during my time at TrainSmart are to get as much experience and practical knowledge as I can. I would like to improve my person-to-person skills, since training and physical therapy are both very one-on-one with your clients. I hope to learn how to properly cue clients during exercise, how to motivate them, new exercises, and appropriate exercises to fix particular client problems. Also, I would like to improve on programming for specific individuals. I know that there is no one program that works for every client, so I would like to be comfortable in screening a person and creating the best possible program for that specific person to reach their goals. As part of my internship I will be receiving training, so another personal goal would be to become more fit, healthier, and stronger.”