Most of us are in the habit of having “that third thing” at dinner with our protein and vegetables–and more often than not, that’s a grain.  But since every bite on your plate should be packed with nutritients, and grains just don’t compare, make that third item a satisfying starchy vegetable instead.  Carrots and onion sautéed to bring out their sweetness, beets with balsamic or peas with mint can taste just as indulgent and satisfying as a mound of rice.  If the carb craving is overwhelming, make it a healthier carb like quinoa or amaranth (which both deliver protein), and keep portions tiny.”

Carbs are not the enemy!  Eating processed foods high in carbohydrates and sugar – those are the products that you want to jump into the foxhole for! We all know by now that Green is Queen! So if you include a lot of green veggies in your meal, I don’t see anything wrong with a side of brown sprouted rice or black rice or something equally nutritious.  While you’re in that foxhole, you may want to think about how to approach the enemy when you get out.  Obviously, with caution, but also armed with the knowledge that you are going to keep your “third portion” a small portion.  So now we have 3 enemies – BAD carbs, sugar, and portions that are too big! cooking with veggies

My inclination up to now has been to avoid advising people to eat wheat and wheat products (and to limit the amount of whole grains in the diet) in anything more than very small quantities.  Everyday I learn more about nutrition and its’ complicated world.  There is study after study to support whatever side you are on.  However, when I look at items like faro, wheat berries, and bulgar, I wonder how you can go wrong with something that has been around since the beginning of man.  Yes, Paleo man ate wheat!

kamut wheat berries

Some very well respected doctors will tell you that it is our digestive and lymphatic systems that are not working properly, and that is the reason we can’t process wheat – real wheat, not the enriched, processed by-products of wheat. (Please click on the link below if you want to learn more).

I do know that gluten-free items may help someone to enjoy life, especially someone with Celiac’s disease or high wheat sensitivities, but the nutrition in many gluten-free items is minimal – no one ever said that tapioca and potato starch were going to add a lot of minerals and vitamins to our diet. However, if you do suffer from wheat sensitivity it allows you eat a piece of gluten-free bread without the complications of headache, bloating, gas and whatever physical manifestations it may cause for you.

When I’m on the fence about something I usually say buy the real thing and be moderate about incorporating it into your daily food regimen.  I also agree with Dr. Lipman that adding quinoa or amaranth (ancient grains) is a good addition to a meal. And, of course you can’t go wrong pumping more veggies into your daily plan!

dr. doullaird  Eat Wheat vs. Grain Brain    dr. permutterI highly recommend that you take the time to watch this debate between Dr. Perlmutter (Grain Brain author) and Dr. Doullaird (Eat Wheat author) regarding wheat/whole grains.  Make your own decision.