As I sit here writing this blog, I am getting over a stomach bug. A bad nasty little creature!

I wanted to share what I learned about healing during this virus. First, is that I love my Epica more than ever! Wondering about my faithful companion? Here is a glance at her:

Yes, she is a hot water bottle, and I love her! She has gotten me through cold nights as a foot/bed warmer, eased the contents of my stomach when I have over indulged in alcohol, helped me digest too large a portion at meal time, and most recently helped comfort me through the stomach bug. I highly recommend getting one!  I will tell you honestly, however, that you will either love this item or wonder what all my fuss is about. If you find it a worthy ally, you will be so grateful for the warmth it provides during the winter – I often keep it on my lap on cold days to warm me while I am on the computer or watching television.  You will be indebted when on a very hot day with no air conditioning, you fill it with cold water and lay with it on the back of your neck to find sweet relief from the heat (a cold brew may do the same, but there’s a lot more calories involved). It’s easily transported from place to place, and has the potential to be a “must have”.

The second thing I came to know, and the most surprising, is that a good digestive enzyme is a great tool to combat stomach issues!  I have used probiotics before, but not digestive enzymes.  When I took two of these little guys during my most recent bout with this bug, and felt almost immediate results, I was very surprised! To the point that I thought maybe I was getting over this thing (and the digestive enzyme had nothing to do with it).  A couple hours later it was back with a vengeance so I waited with my faithful companion, Epica, to indulge in two more digestive enzymes, and again, viola! Relief -IMMEDIATELY! I tell it true, it helped me through! haha! That was my new chant.

The third thing in my arsenal was a combination of essential oils to relieve digestive upset. This can be made or purchased as a blend, and helps when inhaled or applied topically. It’s a great resource used along with Epica or alone.

Finally, my last tool – chicken bone broth. I try to always have some on hand to sip at or for times like this when my stomach needs some intervention towards healing.

So how does a digestive enzyme differ from a probiotic? Check out my blog tomorrow where I will share the difference with you so you can make an informed decision about adding it to your daily plan – or not. Meanwhile, consider Epica!