A blurb from a Precision Nutrition article I was reading today. Worth passing on.

“Whole foods require more energy to digest, which is a good thing.

A recent study compared whole food and processed food meals. Both meals were cheese sandwiches, but the whole food sandwich was made with multi-grain bread and cheddar cheese; the processed food sandwich was made of white bread and processed cheese.

Same macronutrient ratio (percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fat); same calories; same format. So, same thing… right? Nope.

When researchers compared people’s metabolic rates and the energy expenditure after the meals, they found that eaters spent 50% less energy digesting the processed food.

Less energy spent on digestion means more calories absorbed and stored. More calories absorbed and stored adds up to weight gain for people who eat a lot of processed foods.

On the other hand, the energy we expend digesting whole, unprocessed foods means that fewer calories are stored as fat.

Like we said: Make your food earn its rent. Don’t give it a free ride!

Whole foods deliver more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.”

Keep putting that food to work for you this week!