So many of us have some type of device that counts the steps we take. It’s an incentive to stay moving and have a little fun at the same time.

Here are some tips to meet your walking goals:

CAR PARKING – Whether it’s at work or grocery shopping, park where you have to walk the distance of the lot.  It’s so easy (especially when it’s too cold or too hot) to laze-out and come up with excuses which brings us to the next tip.wegman's






NO EXCUSES -Set your mind to hold the power of your movement. Programming applies to more than computers. We can reset our brains to move beyond procrastination, so give yourself “the talk”, and find yourself in a better place. You are ‘da bomb’ (love that 90’s phrase, haha) so go your distance!bomb diggity





TAKE THE STAIRS – At work or home, use the stairs to get more steps in everyday, and help the environment at the same time. Avoid escalators and elevators when you can. Stair climbing is great for building lung capacity. Better working lungs equal better oxygen intake and output. You could be the strongest guy or gal in the gym, but not on the stairs. Take your time and build up to 30 minutes of intentional stepping.

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GET A WALKING BUDDY – It’s so much easier to meet exercise goals when you have accountability to someone else. At work, gather a group of like minded people and walk on lunch hours. If you don’t have that kind of work schedule, find out who wants to walk in your neighborhood and have a set time to meet.

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WALK IN NATURE – So many of us are tied to a desk. Besides sitting being the ruination of our glutes becoming deactivated and our backs having more discomfort, it’s so easy to develop really poor posture (hunched over your computer) which leads to all kinds of dis-ease in our body. Get out and walk in your surroundings whether it’s snow and dark skies, or the sun and trees in full bloom. Take it all in and learn to appreciate the beauty of the walking






DON’T HOLD OUT until the end of the day to find your haven’t reached your goal and you still have 2000 steps to take. Before you leave work see how many steps you’ve taken, and get some of those in before you get to your car. Again, you can use the stairs in your building or just take a walk around the perimeter (inside or out). Have to take the kids to an activity? Use that as time for yourself to walk up and down the ice (if your child is involved in hockey) or around the building (if it’s a drop off to a dance class). Make the most of your time so you feel like a winner because your are!

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THINK MOBILITY –  As we age, the less we do the more we find ourselves limited to certain movement patterns. It doesn’t have to be that way! We are magnificently designed to move so get out there and take advantage of the gifts of your body! Walking may not take you to your weight loss goals singularly, but it will help with balance, heart strength, staying upright and clearing your mind. Stay moving and vary your pace from average to fast intermittently, and keep your head held high.walking mobility






INCREASE YOUR ENERGY –  A study done by a professor in California showed that the more you expend your energy in walking the more energy you will have. Sounds counterintuitive, but he does make that claim, and you, yourself may have had that experience. “The amount of walking each day predicted a wide variety of positive psychological conditions,” Thayer said. “Specifically the correlations between the number of steps and self-ratings indicated that when our participants walked more, they rated their diet as more nutritious. They also rated more highly their health, energy, overall mood, happiness and self-esteem, in that order.” increase energy






GIVE YOUR DOG THE GIFT OF A WALK – Dogs live to love their people or so it seems! A great way to give back is to take your canine friend on a daily walk. It’s as good for them as it is for you, and it will help you feel more connected to your best friend!dog walk